Month: August 2019

U.S. Department of Justice Indicts Online Poker Room Operators

Wynn Resorts recently declared its association with PokerStars, the casino giant, with a view to aid the federal online gaming legislation existent in the US. Steve Wynn, who is the

Toronto Tower to Offer Hands-Free Ledge Walk

Looking for a new thrill that puts roller coasters to shame? Toronto’s CN Tower will soon offer a hands-free walk along the tower’s upper rim, a walk that will suspend

The Best Online Gambling Sites

The Internet is swamped with sites about gambling that have no purpose other than to serve advertising and make money. Heck, theres nothing wrong with that, either. But it does

Negreanu Loses $150000 to Blom in Round 1 of Superstar Showdown

Daniel Negreanu and Viktor “Isildur1″ Blom recently sat down for the SuperStar Showdown and went head to head playing more than a 1000 hands of poker. In a long lasting

NBA Players Embrace Yoga

Yoga is an ancient practice that is gentle on the body. It increases flexibility, lubricates the tendons, joints and ligaments as well as massages all organs of the body. It

Goverment Strikes Deal With Poker Sites to Help Customers Reclaim Cash

After Friday’s shocking shutdown of the online poker industry’s biggest websites, many players were left with no way to reclaim their deposited funds. However, authorities today announced that the U.S.

Donald Trump to Drive Pace Car at Indy 500

It’s official. Business tycoon, reality star, and potential 2012 presidential candidate Donald Trump will drive the pace car at the 100th anniversary Indianapolis 500 on May 29. “It’s a great

DOJ Enters Domain Name Agreement with PokerStars, Full Tilt

The DOJ indictment of online poker rooms took a good turn for U.S. players today when an agreement was announced that will allow PokerStars and Full Tilt to process cashouts

Canine Friendly Casinos More Common

If you can’t bear to leave your pooch behind when you travel to Las Vegas to gamble, there are 8 casino hotels that participate in the PetStay program. For up to

Bruno Mars Good Game of Blackjack

Bruno Mars rather overplays his hand, not at the Hard Rock Casino blackjack table where the Grammy nominated singer came away with a tidy sum, but rather in the somewhat