Alien Existence Odds at Paddy Power

According to Paddy Power, the truth is out there and it’s simply a question of where “first contact” will happen, if the bookmaker’s odds on alien existence are anything to go by. At the moment, Paddy Power are offering odds on which country will have first contact with extraterrestrial life from another planet, and you can find the full betting options below:

  • USA 3/1
  • China 4/1
  • Ireland 9/2
  • Russia 5/1
  • England 8/1
  • Australia 10/1
  • Brazil 12/1
  • Spain 12/1
  • France 14/1
  • Germany 16/1
  • South Africa 18/1
  • Wales 20/1
  • Scotland 25/1

Paddy Power is also offering odds on when alien extraterrestrial will be discovered and proven, with the year 2020 or later offering 4/1 odds – To check out these odds and place a bet, just visit Paddy Power.

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