Canine Friendly Casinos More Common

If you can’t bear to leave your pooch behind when you travel to Las Vegas to gamble, there are 8 casino hotels that participate in the PetStay program. For up to an additional $40 per night tacked on to your room rate, you and your pup can enjoy amenities like food and water dishes, disposable waste bags, treats, walking routes, and designated outdoor relief areas.

Last week, Showboat Casino Hotel became Atlantic City’s first dog-friendly casino and the PetStay program has plans for even more expansion.

While guests and their dogs have been checking in since Thursday, the hotel is hosting a PetStay promotional party March 3rd, where a $1,000 donation will be presented to the Ocean City Humane Society.

Dogs are welcome in the Showboat’s 9 canine compatible rooms, as well as in the lobby, but they are not allowed in restaurants, bars, spas, retail shops, or on the casino floor. If the program proves popular, PetStay may be introduced at Bally’s, Caesar’s, and Harrah’s Resort as well.

Plenty of pet owners are applauding this move toward more pet friendly casinos, although some gamblers don’t think it’s a good idea.

“A casino hotel is no place for a dog,” comments Melinda Klaniecki on “Not all pet owners take excellent care of their pets, and the rooms and the common areas (such as the lobby) could be subject to fleas, ticks, etc. A lot of pets get upset when in an unfamiliar surrounding, which could result in loud barking and accidents in those areas as well.”

She believes the new pet friendly policy will deter more customers than it will attract.

What do you think? Would you stay at a casino hotel that allowed dogs?

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