Change in Ownership of eCOGRA

As one of the online gaming industry’s most reputed software testing, player protecting and standards creating business, eCOGRA was recently bought out by its management team. Founded and owned by three major online gaming industry players; Microgaming, Bwin and 888, over the years eCOGRA has demonstrated its dominance in auditing and granting approvals.

Led by Chief Executive Andrew Beveridge, this buyout is expected to positively expand the structure of the eCOGRA business entity.  For instance, management plans to no longer include software providers, online casino operators and other business players into the arena of online gambling. This will confirm eCOGRA’s independence with regards to the liberation of its current tasks.

The buyout process was streamlined and agreed upon by all parties. The founders noted that the timing of this buyout was appropriate allowing eCOGRA management to make its own policy and strategic decisions. The announcement further emphasized that all directors prior to the buyout would remain on the board which consists of:

  • Chairman Michael Hirst
  • Bill Henbrey
  • Bill Gaston
  • Frank Catania
  • Andrew Beveridge

The original goal of the eCOGRA directors was to enforce continuous improvement with regards to the credibility of online gambling and guarantee all players were protected while developing standards, regulations and policies. These will continue to be the goals of eCOGRA with the addition of an increase in commercial activity.

The future of eCOGRA services and the operational hierarchy will not change with this buyout. The Fair Gaming Advocate which mediates player disputes will continue. Additionally, the monitoring systems will be expanded with no-accredited gaming businesses. Furthermore, extensive assessment for awarding online casino entities with the Safe and Fair seal will continue as-is. Advisory consulting services will become a major segment of eCOGRA’s business services.

Beveridge believes the online gambling industry is beginning to mature and he would like to have eCOGRA a major part of that evolution. Across the globe, there is a trend toward national and state regulatory bodies so eCOGRA is aiming to shape new gambling jurisdictions through advice and assistance.

The buyout of eCOGRA by current management appears to be a positive event as business will continue as planned with the addition of several expansions and projects. eCOGRA has been a major contributor to the success of online gambling around the world and looks as if they will continue setting the standard of fair game play in the future.

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