New Table Games Tournaments at Grand Vegas Casino

Two online table games that require a large amount of skill to master are video poker and blackjack. In both games, players must have an optimal wagering strategy to obtain the highest return on investment. Online table game tournaments give players the opportunity to test their skills against one another. Casinos like Grand Vegas offers tournaments on a regular basis with both of these games.

$2,500 BB Guaranteed

The series of video poker online tournaments is known as “$2,500 BB Guaranteed.” These include 24 hour long tournaments available four days per week beginning at 8:00 PM. The next tournament of the series began on Tuesday, April 12th, 2011 and used the game 100 Hand Joker Poker. The next tournament in line will occur on Thursday, April 14th and will be played with the game Single Hand Deuces Wild.

The Entry Fees

Beginning April 16th and April 17th, the video poker competitions will begin with the designated game being Mega Multi Hand Deuces Wild and Multi Hand Aces and Faces. All video poker tournaments will be structured in the same manner. The entry fee is $1.99 for all competitions with an unlimited number of rebuys for $1.99 each. The starting designated chip amount is $100 while the rebuy amount is $175.

The total prize pool is valued at $2,500 which is distributed in bonuses known as Bonus Bucks. The top 500 players will share the prize pool with the leader receiving $350 and all subsequent players being awarded less.

Blackjack Pot Percentage

The online blackjack tournaments are known as “Blackjack Pot Percentage.” These are also 24 hour tournaments but are held three times per week beginning on Wednesday, April 13th. The first game is Vegas Strip Blackjack. The next blackjack tournament will begin on Friday, April 15th and be played on the Perfect Pairs game. The final blackjack game will start on Monday, April 18th and utilize the Vegas Strip Blackjack game.

The Entry Fees

For the blackjack events the casino is not offering a guaranteed prize pool. The top 41 players will shared the total prize pool with the first place winner receiving 15 percent of the pot and second place collecting 10 percent. The entry fee for all blackjack tournaments is only $0.99 and the rebuy fee is $2.49.

These tournaments are expected to draw a large tournament crowd anxious to compete against their peers. The success of these tournaments could result in more competitions for higher prize pools in May 2011.

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