Play the fool with Joy of Bingo

It’s April Fool’s Day soon and that’s the one day when you have license to play the fool. Well, Joy of Bingo has taken that very seriously indeed and so you will get to play the fool on all four of its UK bingo sites. Play the Joy Mystery Fool games at Tasty Bingo, Posh Bingo, RedBus Bingo and at Wink Bingo and you will be playing the fool to the hilt!

Play these four penny bingo games and you could win pounds and pounds in crisp cash on 1st April. the fun starts at Tasty Bingo at 7pm with the first Joy Mystery Fool game. Buy tickets for 1p each. The maximum limit is 96 so don’t hold back! Buy as many as you lie, even if you buy the whole lot you won’t spend a full pound after all. Every bingo player worth her salt knows that more tickets always give you a better chance at winning the jackpot. The prize in this game is – oh, they’re not telling us! That’s a secret. You might win a humongous pile of cash or you might scoop just a few quid. Hit the bingo on the Question Mark pattern first to find out what the prize is.

The prize amount for all four games is a secret. Only if you play it can you find out! Here’s a game with a fun twist for added excitement, perfect for a whole lot of extra laughs as you indulge in your favourite sport, playing bingo. Follow the Tasty Bingo game with the next one at Posh Bingo where tickets are 2p each. Play at RedBus Bingo next for 1p tickets and wind up your April Fool’s Day evening with the fourth and final Joy Mystery Fool game at Wink Bingo. Play all four games and see what’s in store for the winners.

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