The Best Online Gambling Sites

The Internet is swamped with sites about gambling that have no purpose other than to serve advertising and make money. Heck, theres nothing wrong with that, either. But it does make a Google search for blackjack strategy or how to win at casino games a pretty empty experience.

But there are some sites on the Internet which offer excellent gambling related information. Thats what this post is going to focus on. You should have no problem finding a site where you can place a bet, if thats what youre after. But if youre looking for good gambling information, your choices are more limited and harder to find.

Possibly the best site about gambling math, strategy, and odds if the WizardofOdds, which is owned, operated, and written by Michael Shackleford. The site provides mathematically sound advice and strategy for every type of gambling you can imagine, from casino games to poker to sports betting. Shackleford is a licensed actuary who has made his living for years analyzing casino games and the math behind them.

One of my favorite sites that serves as a directory of place to gamble is Online Gambling Sites. Unlike a lot of online casino directories, this one isnt filled with enough flashing ads to put you into an epileptic seizure. Instead, the site offers clear, well-written information on gambling sites where you can play for free or for real money in multiple categories: casino, sports, and poker. Listings are organized by country, software, deposit methods, and more.

The best blackjack website Ive ever visited is, from Ken Smith. If youre looking for accurate and well-written information about how to play and how to win at blackjack, then this is the first site you should visit. You can find plenty of other blackjack sites online, but none of them are as good as this one.

Those three gambling information sites are examples of the kind of quality and craftsmanship that most gambling webmasters would do well to emulate. If you get a chance to visit any of them, you should. It beats wading through dozens or hundreds of spammy ad-laden sites in the Google or Bing search engines.

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